Xiaomi 11 Ultra

The “Ultra” flagship has been booming in the phone world lately, and Xiaomi 11 Ultra is absolutely one of them. This model was announced in March, and finally released a month after in early April. You always find the latest features and specs in a Xiaomi flagship phone, and Mi 11 Ultra is no exception. The best part is that the company always knows to provide quality at an affordable price. This model has many amazing things that you will surely love, so let’s get into the details.

One of my most favorite things about Mi Ultra 11 is the bezel-less design that this model comes with. Simply because I am the type of user who prefers the device with a full screen for the best viewing experience. Plus with the quad curve screen, the screen is not only convenient to the eyes but also responsive to the fingers. If you look closely, you can see that the phone has a curvy metal design that protects the display. With so many details like this, Xiaomi 11 Ultra is one tough phone that can withstand minor bumps and drops. 

How about the overall build? Mi 11 Ultra comes with a premium ceramic design which is both durable and lightweight to use. The company also increases the drop-performance to 2 meters and improves the phone’s scratch resistance ability. On top of that, it is also splash-proof and waterproof which is exactly what we all want in the phones. Plus with the powerful dual-speaker setups, everything is all set for you.

A large bezel-less screen and tough build are nice and all, but the incredible display from that screen is another great thing. This model is 6.81 inches in size with a 1440p, 120hz AMOLED display and 10-bit color. The unique 10-bit display can output 1.07 billion colors while most phones offer only an 8-bit display. When many tech-savvy reviews out there said that Xiaomi 11 Ultra killed Samsung S21 Ultra, they were serious. It is simply because it features the 1500 nit peak brightness, making it one of the brightest displays in the market. S21 Ultra is on par with the brightness, but the price difference makes Xiaomi a winner.

Another special part about Xiaomi 11 Ultra is the quality of the cameras that it comes with. At the back of the phone are 3 large sensors along with 3 main cameras that help you capture anything. The combination of these allows users to have the best experience in taking photos and videos both day and night. This phone also provides 8K quality video that is not only crystal clear but also smooth with all the details. And if you have good photography skills, you are going to take many cool images right from this smartphone. 

You probably wonder about the selfie, and things are so much cooler and more convenient with Mi 11 Ultra. Because the phone comes with a rear display, you can take incredible-quality selfies using the back cameras. Thanks to its super large sensor that is as big as that of a camera, the results are always professional-levels. Even if you are in areas with extremely low light settings, the photos and videos are always at their best quality. The mini rear display at the back also allows you to check on battery life, time, and other notifications. So even if your phone is facing down, you still can track all the important things with ease.

Appearance matters, but what’s inside are also important. Xiaomi Ultra 11 features Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and LPDDR5 which is 16% faster and more responsive. Not to mention the 2nd generation nano-silicone anode battery, the battery capacity and charging speed are way better than most phones. Both wired and wireless charging is fast, and you can juice up the phone in less than 90 minutes. The best part is that this model is the first smartphone to feature a solid-liquid gas-phase cooling system. This is to ensure efficient heat dissipation so that it won’t heat up during charging or long hours of use.

Xiaomi 11 Ultra is wonderful inside and out, and it is one of the fastest and smoothest Android phones. The price is around $800 - $1000, depending on the RAM and storage that you choose. This is actually affordable, considering the performance and quality that it delivers. I would say this model is the best option for those who want to enjoy the premium photo and video quality. If you look for the best smartphone that is under $1000, Xiaomi 11 Ultra is one of them. The phone is available in black and white colors, and the choice is all yours.

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