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GoPro produces some of the world’s most versatile cameras, and the new GoPro Hero 10 Black is one of those. If you are a fan of GoPro, you have probably seen the launching or have already ordered one by now. In case you haven’t, I am going to talk about some awesome features that this new GoPro camera comes with. There are so many cool things that you will love, so let’s get into details below.


Appearance-wise, it looks almost exactly the same as the Hero 9 but with better updates. The first thing that distinguishes the new GoPro 10 from the GoPro 9 last year is the blue text. You will see a blue text on the front and another blue text on the side that stands out completely. Due to the same size, GoPro 10 is compatible with all the mods that the GoPro 9 is compatible with.


Frame Rates
GoPro 10 comes with increased frame rates that allow for faster and sharper capture along with a smooth slow-motion. The standard frame rate of this model is 5K-60FPS, while the airframe rate is 4K120. As for the activity shooting, it is now 2.7K240 which is a double of everything in the GoPro Hero 9. Thanks to the new GP2 chipset that delivers faster responsiveness to the camera itself, resulting in all these higher frame rates.

For those who do a live stream, this new feature is going to make you so happy. The full HyperSmooth 4.0 allows for the best live streaming experience no matter where you are. Things are the same with video recording, the footage is more stable which results in perfect view. No matter if you run or ride a bike, the quality of your videos is also at its best.

Photo Modes
How about the photo modes? This camera offers an increased resolution to 23.6 megapixels for all photo modes that you can shoot pretty much anything. I would say the performance and the quality of the images are so much better and clearer, with true colors. Plus with the special Hydrophobic Lens Cover, you won’t have to worry about water droplets building up on the camera lens anymore. This is one of my favorite features because it makes shooting underwater so much more convenient, no more lens licking!

Wired Camera Offloads
With this cool feature, you can connect a cable from the GoPro 10 with your smartphone to download the files. It delivers fast transfer and viewing speed for both the photos and videos which is so easy to use. I am sure a lot of people also agree that this feature makes things more convenient than the wireless mode. You can transfer the files no matter where you are with zero worries about WiFi connection.


First thing first, the touchscreen of the camera is super responsive and fast. This makes using it more convenient, and you no longer have to double press with pressure on the screen. And of course, the performance of the front screen is faster and smoother which is a total plus. Another awesome thing about the performance of GoPro Hero 10 is the Local Tone Mapping. It offers the best quality in both photos and videos now even if you are in high or low light conditions. No more noise in low-light conditions, and that is the game changer.

We all know that battery is not GoPro’s forte, and things are the same with this one. Because everything is faster and smoother, the battery of the GoPro 9 actually outlasts the Hero 10 by almost 30 minutes. Maybe it will get better with the new GoPro 11 next year, who knows?

Price & Release Date

While there are several incredible features, the price only increases by $50 compared to the GoPro Hero 9. The GoPro 10 is $399 for GoPro subscribers, and it is $499 for GoPro non-subscribers. It was launched on September 15th, and it is available for order and purchase from the stores now as well.

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