Poco M3 - The best smartphone yet (Xiaomi)

 Forget about the premium and costly smartphones which could get you broke for months and take a look at a more budget one. It’s undeniably true that cheaper smartphones usually come with sacrifices. However, with the new Xiaomi Poco M3, it doesn’t lose out as many features as you may think. 

With around 150$, you can get a FHD+ panel in hand. It comes with 6.53" IPS LCD, 400 nits (typ), 1080x2340px resolution, 19.5:9 aspect ratio, 395ppi. This has elevated the M3 from similar priced competitors including Galaxy A11. The phone is made mainly from plastic but with a faux-leather finish on the rear panel. There is a long, big, black and smooth panel in which the camera module sits, making it look similar to the OnePlus 8T. The domino-like camera design with the highly visible POCO label at the end makes it a little weird to some users but can be impressive to some others. The phone is light, which is easily gripped and used with one hand. The battery life can somehow withstand the daily usage easily as it is equipped with 6000 mAh. Moreover, it also has the reverse-wired charging function, meaning you can also use it as a power bank. 

I mentioned about sacrifices earlier, and by that I refer to its software and performance.  Built-in with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 and 4GB of RAM, it’s understandable that the M3 isn’t going to outplay some of your daily demands. There is a noticeable lag going through the day and it takes a few seconds for some apps to be opened. It also misses out the ultra-wide camera but one of the cameras is equipped with a macros sensor with the 2-megapixel and another one is 2-megapixel depth sensors. However, they don’t really add on much to the performance.

Overall, the Poco M3 is somehow not the best budget smartphone ever recently. However, is it worth the price tag? Definitely yes! With under 200$ in hand, you don’t always find a reliable battery life, an acceptable Full HD LCD and triple-lens camera phone just like what the M3 offers. 

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