Top 5 Gadgets with big Discount on Amazon for only 1 day

This is an epic day known as the best and big deal day from Amazon.

These are the top best selected items being on sale on Amazon. Don't forget to check them out. 

1. Amazon Fire Stick

It is an amazing device which brings your television to the next level. Television services are moving away from cable and satellite and are moving toward internet based streaming formats. These internet based services work from apps (software packets) and the AFS (Amazon Fire Stick). 

Just plug the AFS into the HDMI jack on your television and you are ready to go. The AFS is controlled by a remote control that comes with the device. In order to receive signals, the AFS requires WIFI or a local hot spot with speed requirements of around 5 Mbps for HD broadcasts. Movies and shows displayed by the device are typically in HD quality with good picture and sound quality. It is easy to set up and use. 

Check it out here:                                                                         

2. Echo Devices

In the Echo Dot, Amazon has created a near perfect blend of hardware and software. There have been plenty of the formers, but truly seamless multi platform software has eluded everyone but Amazon. For example, Samsung and Google have been at it for much longer than Amazon. The main problem is that excellent products like the Samsung Smart Things hub, which does a fantastic job of unifying a slew of different connected devices from different companies (Nest, Honeywell, Phillips, and so on), are still lacked the web connectivity and entertainment support. 

Thanks to fantastic third party support, the Dot has no problem controlling all of our smart stuff while allowing us to listen to music, order food, check the weather, listen to the radio, set alarms and timers, all of which is easily accomplished through simple voice commands.

Check it out here:                                                                                  

3. The Kindle E-Reader

The Kindle E-Reader is a GREAT substite for books. It has the ability to store thousands of books, so you shouldn't worry about running out of storage. If you do, however, the overflow can be stored on Amazon's Cloud service, so you never have to worry about giving up any of your old favorites. 

Kindle also gives you the ability to highlight passages, make notes, and bookmark pages. Your Kindle will also always remember what page you left off at, in every book that you have stored on it. Kindle also has the ability to look up words in the dictionary or thesaurus. It really brings reading to a whole new level. If you are one of the bookworms, please check it out.

Check it out here:                                                                        

4. Fire 7
This great device can help you with many things. You might use it for shopping, watching videos and playing other games. The sound quality of this $30 tablet is acceptable.  

This device has the ability to use Alexa which is cool. A built-in Siri alike known as Kortana, google home and Alexa are great to have around.

Check it out here:                                                                        

5. Blink XT Home Security Camera System
It is a highly recommend gadget from many customers. 

(a) Intermittent internet due to power outages. The Blink would recover and immediately syn-up with the base station rather quickly. 

(b) Blink had almost flat in construction and has a very small foot print. That would mean you could install the Blink practically almost every wear.

(c) The Blink's two 'AA' size battery life was far better than the other devices. 

Check it out here:                                                                            

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